keskiviikko 29. heinäkuuta 2015

Don´t say the S-word

Weeks just passes by like a speed train. After this week there is only gonna be one week before s****l.

I have almost packed my back.

I have decided what to wear to get those jaws to drop.

I have test drove my make up.

So it seems I have everything ready for school. Everything but me.

Nor will I ever be ready for going back to that rat-trap.

But I just need to say my self: Suck it up young lady. You will go there and make a statement. You will go through that plan B school to the bitter end. You are now a beautiful bird in a cage but you will find the key to that lock. And when you do, you will be free. 

And when I am free... I will fly a way. I will go far and near and even further. I will go up and down, right and left. I am just going to do what the heck I want not taking other peoples opinions in my consideration. 

I am going to take part of a model competition that goes with the name: Sexiest in Finland. That´s really the only modeling competition I can compete in, because there is not height requirement. 

I will lock myself in the attic room until I have finished one novel.

I am just going to live and be free of all the requirements everybody always imposes. I will fuck all that. I will not obey anybody/anybody´s expectations. 

It is time for good girl gone bad. :)

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