keskiviikko 1. maaliskuuta 2017

Welcome Leodardo DiCaprio

Metsähallitus kutsunut Leon Suomeen. "Näytämme mielellämme hakkuujälkeä"

I wanna say few words. 

I would be so happy to get Mr. DiCaprio here  and I would be even happier to get him by my side. See eye to eye and be on the same page. 

I would be very keen to show him the disasters already made in the forests near me. 

I would show him the lovely forest that was almost protected. There were only names missing from that paper. And now that forest with huge cliffs, anthills bigger than me is no longer worth of protection. 

We need to protect our nature. 
We need to protect our landscapes, forests, trees and animals. 
We need to protect The Earth, Tellus, our home.
And we need to protect it from us, humans.

Only thing in this world that does not need to be protected is Homo Sapiens. That species has already spread so widely so it doesn´t need any protection.  

So Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, you are very welcome to come to Finland. It would in fact be a great pleasure, and if this was a leap year I would probably ask you to marry me :)

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