tiistai 18. maaliskuuta 2014


This is for beautiful little girl named Kaitlyn and her family. Her story is sad but I am sure her short life was full of love and happiness. I want to show my support for all the families that are going through something rough in their lives. There are no enough words. But if we have a little belief that someday we will all meet again then maybe things has it meanings.

It's hard to say goodbye 
It hurts to be alone 

And all that is left is a memory 
To love and to keep as a part of me 
It's you, no one else but you 
Say what can I do 
I miss you so 

It's hard to let you go 
It's hard to ease my pain 
But I'll do it all for you 
Because I know you'd do the same 
And how hard it all may seem 
You're always in my dreams 

We we will meet again 
Far beyond the stormy weather 
Far beyond the cloudy skies 
We we will meet again 
When we do we will last forever 
When we do we will stay together 
You and me 

By Bosson

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